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Court of Eland

Court of Eland

Client Elzes Association
Architect Bastiaan Jongerius Architects
Builder Weaver Construction
Project name Court of Eland
District Centre
number of residences 6

Hof van Eland: winner of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

The special thing about the Hof van Eland is that it is an initiative of three families who now live there. They have joined forces in the Elzes foundation, of which architect Bastiaan Jongerius is a part. These families have jointly submitted a building contract to the municipality. The municipality has sold the plot with buildings and contaminated land to the Elzes Foundation. This was not without a struggle. They had to negotiate quite a bit with the municipality. In addition, contract formation was also somewhat difficult and construction was temporarily halted due to damage to one of the neighboring buildings. All in all, it took 5 years to fully complete the project, but then there is something to be said. The door of this complex gives access to an alley that leads to the inner garden. The three houses, which can be reached by wooden stairs, are situated along this garden. The front doors and fa├žade garden of the houses are located on the Lijnbaanstraat. This project consists of 3 single-family homes on the Lijnbaanstraat, 2 apartments and 1 town house on the Elandstraat. The intention is to develop a communal garden in the middle.

Het Parool about Hof van Eland: Pioneers in DIY

A spacious family home with an outside in the middle of the Jordaan? Yes, that's possible. But only if you want to put a lot of energy into it and can practice years of patience. Building with a small group – officially called collective private commissioning – is now strongly encouraged by the municipality, but eight years ago it was still an uncertain adventure. Yet six residents of a renovated monastery in the Jordaan dared to do it. They had already done the renovation together, so they had experience. When a few families became short on the arrival of the children, they decided to work together again, but now with a new building. It took a lot of effort to convince the municipality. It came with a plot behind the Elandsgracht between the Elandsstraat and the Lijnbaansstraat, where company sheds were located on contaminated soil. The Ymere housing association was unable to build affordably there, and so the six got the land on a long lease. The municipality gave a subsidy for demolition and remediation, so they immediately had start-up capital for the pre-financing of the construction project. Private court It made a difference that one of the six is an architect, Bastiaan Jongerius (47), and another, Niels Bon (42), a developer at a housing association. 'From the outset, we wanted to make six houses on a private courtyard, so that our living would have a social layer that is supported by all six,' says Jongerius. 'Exactly,' Bon adds, 'we share that outdoors with each other, which results in great interactivity, especially with the children. We had a great time in that renovated school, but with two children, eighty square meters was a bit tight. And we wanted to continue to live in the city center. ' Unity Now he lives with his wife and children on twice as much space, completely arranged according to his own taste, for a purchase price of 610,000 euros. Jongerius: 'We calculated that the entire construction would cost a basic investment of 3,300 euros per square meter. Each family could decide what kind of home it wanted and how big. I made sure that everything was structured in such a way that there was unity in the project; all the same front door, for example. ' The jury, five Amsterdammers who also moved into a new-build home last year, was largely impressed by the Hof van Eland. They thought the houses were beautiful and finished with an eye for detail, although the exterior did not fit well with the facade image in the Jordaan. Inside, they found the houses practical and thoughtfully arranged, and the spacious and light courtyard beautiful. 'This construction is a development of our time,' says Jongerius. 'Five years ago, participation was limited to no more than the location of an electrical outlet. Now participation directly leads to enjoyment of life. ' Bon: 'We had to invent a lot along the way. This place is very complex for new construction. You have to have tremendous perseverance. But here is the proof that it is possible to design, develop and live in your own home. '

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