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Amsterdam New Construction Award 2013

Amsterdam New Construction Award 2013

Winner Court of Eland
Second Prize Piri Reïs
Third Prize Oosterdokseiland
Other nominees The Bongerd
LommerRijk Block AD
Samos – The Twins
De Banne – Marjoleinterrein
The Seven Provinces
The Klaverblad


Alderman Maarten van Poelgeest has awarded the Amsterdam New Construction Prize to the residents of the Hof van Eland. The broadcast was shown live on AT5. Resident Talitha Veldman was very surprised and did not expect to win the prize. She herself thought that the Piri Reis project would win. According to alderman Maarten van Poelgeest, it is a great honor to receive this prize. What he found particularly striking was that all nominated projects were developed for sustainable living.

This year's public award goes to a special self-build project set up by a number of friends. Resident and architect Bastiaan Jongerius has set up this project together with project developer at Woonstichting Eigen Haard Niels Bon. This was subsequently carried out by client Marjolein Otter and builder Theo Wever of Wever Bouwgroep.
The Hof van Eland is made up of 6 single-family homes in the heart of the Jordaan. Three homes have the front door on Lijnbaansstraat and the other three homes have the front door on Elandsstraat. The rear of this house opens onto a courtyard, hence the name. The court serves as a playground for the children and occasionally makes way for a cozy neighborhood barbecue.
Because the residents were closely involved in the development, they also had a say in the layout of the home. This therefore differs per home.
Below is an overview of the results:
Hof van Eland 15.4% Piri Reis 14.8% Oosterdokseiland 12%
De Bongerd 11.8%
Haarlemmerplein 11.6%
LommerRijk (AD) 8.9%
Samos – The Twins 7.5%
De Banne – Marjoleinterrein 7.5%
De Zeven Provinciën 7.1%
The Klaverblad 3.3%
The seventh edition of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize is an initiative of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations, the City of Amsterdam Development Company, Bouwend Amsterdam, Het Parool and AT5.

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