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Western Cape North 1 – Phase 2

Western Cape North 1 – Phase 2

Architect AWG Architects , ABT
Client Courtship ( Amvest Ymere )
Builder Midreth construction company
Project name Western Cape North 1 – Phase 2
Location Westerdok Island
District Centre
Photo Theo Baart

Westerkaap Noord 1 – Phase 2: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

This strip in the tip of the Westerdokseiland is the second phase in the development of Noord I. AWG architects sees architecture as 'making intelligent ruins' and therefore looked for a timeless design language and robust materials. The facade has been designed as calmly as possible: windows and doors form holes in the walls in a repetitive rhythm. The complex has a partially built-over inner street. The floors are on a plinth, which houses the entrance to the houses and commercial spaces. The houses in the narrower part have a panoramic view over the IJ and the Westerdok.

Het Parool about Westerkaap Noord 1 – Phase 2

We will return to the Westerdokseiland for the discussion of this candidate for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. This time in that dangerously sharp point that points straight north. “A very complex location to fill,” describes Wienke Bodewes (58), director of Amvest, the developer who, together with housing corporation Ymere, built this part of the Westerdokseiland under the name Hofmakerij. “You are dealing with two sides. The IJ has a very different dynamic than the Western Islands. The architect has solved that very carefully. The view on both sides has been optimally utilized. ” That architect is Christine de Ruijter (42), director of AWG Architecten in Antwerp. She also designed for the Eastern Docklands and IJburg. Laughing: “I built more in Amsterdam than in Antwerp!” She also calls this a unique project: “On the edge of the city center, with a view of the IJ. You will not easily find such a place in the city. ” But the map was not easy. “You really had to figure out what is possible on such a lot. You want to give all homes a nice view. ” In addition, the problem was that a large density of houses had to be built, and also with a mix of all housing types. In Westerkaap, 30 percent is social rent, 15 percent free rent and 55 percent is for sale. The most important goal, says De Ruijter: “This building must age beautifully. Of course you are influenced by fashion, but above all you want to strive for a certain timelessness. ” For the residents it is certain that the architect has succeeded in this assignment; they gave a score of 8.8. The jury also thought this was a great project. “The view on both sides is fantastic,” sighs Riet de Graaf. “Nothing to complain about,” William Kobossen concludes. This is how Jan Joost Peskens (62) and Anetty Werther (61) also experience their home. That is also allowed, because Werther did not want to leave their previous place on the Brouwersgracht at all. “We lived there for thirty years. It was just masterly there, a little garden there, ”says Werther. “We had no relocation plans at all. But I always enjoy watching something new, ”argues Peskens. “The Brouwersgracht was old and required too much maintenance. This is life-cycle proof. I had inquired about the plans with Westerkaap. And when it came up for sale, it had to be drawn. ” Werther: “I said: take part, because we will not be taking part anyway, with 120 candidates. But on this floor we were number two, and number one dropped out. ” They moved into an apartment of 156 square meters with a row of windows on the IJ and a balcony on the Westerdok, with a view of the Realeneiland. They paid 680,000 euros, including a space in the parking garage. “Ultimately, Jan Joost made the right decision,” admits his wife. “This house is so beautifully light and has a lot of space. And it is close to our old place… I still think of the Brouwersgracht. But I wouldn't want to go back. ”

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