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The Open IJnde

The Open IJnde

Architect NAT Architects , Mopet Architects
Client The Open IJnde Foundation
Builder Bontenbal, CVB
Project name The Open IJnde
New construction location IJburg , Steigereiland
District East

Het Open IJnde: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

The building consists of twenty apartments with outdoor spaces on the water. The task of the competition, organized by the municipality of Amsterdam, was to design a collective residential building of three layers, with a length of eighty meters. The winning proposal was Het Open IJnde. In this design, all communal facilities are located around the opening on the first floor, such as an eighty-meter-long terrace for recreation and exhibitions, a multifunctional space, a fitness room, guest accommodation and the garage. This property also has a collective garden located on the water. A sustainable climate control system has been installed that uses heat and cold stored in the soil, with the major advantages of less CO2 emissions, lower energy costs and floor cooling in the summer.

Het Parool about Het Open IJnde:

At the southernmost point of Steigereiland in IJburg is an elongated residential building that can serve as an example for building in the future. The project is the result of 'collective private commissioning', remember that term. It is customary for a developer to offer homes for sale ready-to-use. But with collective private commissioning, a group of buyers comes together first, who together design the house and then have it built themselves. “I had only just started as an architect when we heard about a competition for this lot,” says Daniël Peters (37). Together with his partner from Mopet Architects and friends of NATArchitecten, they submitted an idea for a building with twenty homes and collective facilities. “This is of course a great assignment, because it offers an opportunity to live with friends in one block, and because we were already looking for a new house.” All four of the architects wanted to live there themselves, and the sixteen other clients were easily found in the circle of friends. Joep Zijp (52), for example, who lived in De Pijp for thirty years ('small, without a garden, without a balcony') was happy to join. “I used to be in a squat and in a residential group, so I knew the dynamics of solving things together. But above all it was an amazing opportunity to get an affordable home in Amsterdam, and in such a beautiful place. ” The houses (downstairs in one layer, above maisonettes) are all around 105 square meters and cost 217,000 euros, without leasehold and without garage space. Anyone who bought off leasehold and wanted to put his car in the garage, got around 280,000 euros. And for that, the residents also have large communal areas downstairs and on the first floor. They gave their pledge an 8.7, and the five jurors do not take it away. “Beautiful homes with a very good price-quality ratio,” says Willemijn van Kempen. “A nice initiative,” adds Joyce du Pont. Being a client yourself, even if in a group context, also has its disadvantages, Zijp acknowledges: “All setbacks that you normally don't notice as a buyer, are now up to you. It all took a year longer. ” “We had to discover a lot,” says architect Peters. “That's why we involved the contractor very early on. Where the residents mainly let their emotions speak, it looks very rational. ” He knew that, sighs Han Troost (49), director of Bontenbal Bouw. “It took a lot of meetings to ultimately get a building that meets all the requirements. It is seemingly simple, but the exterior is a real technical feat. The cantilevered balconies with glass balustrade were quite a challenge. They are also still unfinished. ” Nevertheless, he is happy that he has built this complicated structure. “We have learned a lot from it. I think that collective private commissioning really does have the future. ”

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