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The Funen – Myriad Tunga Syntax

The Funen – Myriad Tunga Syntax

Architect Dick van Gameren Architects
Client Heijmans Real Estate
Builder Heijmans Construction
Project name The Funen – Myriad Tunga Syntax
Location Czaar Peterbuurt
District Centre
Photo Christian Richters

Het Funen – Myriad Tunga Syntax: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

Various residential towers have been realized in the car-free courtyard of Het Funen, a former shunting and factory site. Three of them – Syntax, Myriad and Tunga – were completed by Dick van Gameren architects. Syntax and Tunga are two identical three-storey apartment buildings on the edge of the Funenpark. Myriad, on the other hand, has six floors, and has 22 houses consisting of: twelve single-family houses and ten smaller two and three-room apartments. The maisonettes on the ground floor each have an outdoor space. The other six family homes stand on the roof as detached houses. On the outside you can see that different living forms have been created by using different materials such as glass and brick.

Het Parool about Het Funen – Myriad Tunga Syntax: The largest, but not too dominating

For the third year in a row, the Funenpark is in the top ten of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. Characteristic of that site are, as it were, randomly scattered residential blocks in the green, with a wide variety of colors and shapes. This time three buildings by architect Dick van Gameren have been chosen, two smaller ones with eleven apartments each (Syntax and Tunga), and a special stack (Myriad): six two-storey houses on the ground floor, then two storeys with ten apartments, and literally on its roof six 'detached' maisonettes. Dick van Gameren (47) was one of the architects approached by the creator of the plan for Funenpark, Frits van Dongen, who wanted a wide variety of special buildings. “I had to bring large family homes and smaller apartments together in one block,” explains Van Gameren. “It was complex, but we managed to translate that assignment into an efficient set-up.” “They have actually become single-family homes in the middle of the city, even detached on the roof. For example, you should build houses in the city in the coming years: very compact, but differentiated and not too large-scale. ” “This is the largest residential block in Funenpark, but it should not become too dominant,” explains Menno Molenaar (32) of project developer Heijmans. “That is why Van Gameren has divided it into smaller pieces. And those detached maisonettes on the fifth floor, we didn't know about them yet. We always had to look for new construction-technical solutions for that. ” Yvette de Roos (37) and her boyfriend deposited 357,000 euros for their two floors with 105 square meters. They did not buy a garage space (45,000 euros). The special thing about the Funenpark is that it is a part of the city without long lease, with its own land; the former marshalling yard was bought directly from the Dutch Railways. “I came from a small floor in the Staatsliedenbuurt, my friend from the Spaarndammerbuurt,” says Yvette de Roos. “We were looking for a house on the ground floor, with a garden, in the middle of the city. We also considered Haarlem, but the price is also tough there. This house offers the space we want, and this car-free park is a hit. The children can go outside. ” The residents gave their project an 8.5 as a report mark, and the jury members fully agree: “A nice house with a good layout.” Living upstairs with the bedrooms and bathroom downstairs was not so appealing to Riet de Graaf (66), but the other jury members found it attractive. And the two smaller blocks, with only apartments, were clearly less exciting for William Kobossen (45). “But that park idea is really beautiful.” Incidentally, the jury of experts who awarded the Zuiderkerk Prize did not nominate this project at Funenpark. Two years ago Funenpark finished in eighth place for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize, last year in fifth. And now…

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