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Crystal Court

Crystal Court

Architect Tangram Architects
Client Hillen & Roosen
Builder Hillen & Roosen
Project name Crystal Court
Location Buitenveldert
District South
Photo John Lewis Marshall

Crystal Court: winner of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

Crystal Court is located in a relatively small location in Buitenveldert. This project consists of 37 stacked villas on a parking garage. The complex is made up of a number of free-standing sculptures that stand with a minimal foot on the ground and widen towards the top. The blocks are stacked in such a way that, despite the high density, they create as much open space and views as possible. The space between the building is an enormous atrium. In this area, various waterways have been created with fish and native plants.

Het Parool about Crystal Court: Exuberant versus sober, effective and efficient

Two extremes this time. Homes for sale in Buitenveldert for the top of the market and in the Bijlmer for the much narrower stock exchange. First that top. At Gelderlandplein, development and construction company Hillen & Roosen was commissioned to build a complex with 152 owner-occupied homes and a block with 110 rental homes instead of three schools and a day-care center, plus something 'for the limited higher segment' on Willem van Weldammelaan. as director Pieter Wassenaar (43) van Hillen & Roosen puts it. “Then it must be something unique. And that's why we ended up with the Tangram architectural firm. They knew that. “When we first showed the model, the client had to swallow it,” says Bart Mispelblom Beyer (52) of Tangram. His colleague Charlotte ten Dijke (also 52): “We decided to make four sculptures with very protruding blocks, which can be freely arranged. This can be done by using hollow floors. And because of the large glass atrium, the neighborhood retains the view to the park behind it. ” “Construction was not commonplace,” admits client Wassenaar. “That glass construction with ponds containing all kinds of water plants, and those wood-paneled facades: it has cost us a lot of headaches.” In addition, development and construction company Hillen & Roosen went bankrupt last year. The houses had just been completed, but the communal part had not yet. Wassenaar: “That was a setback for the residents, but I am convinced that it will be all right.” This naturally dampened the residents' score, but they still came to 8.2. They also clearly differ in opinion with Ronald Hooft, who already took the measure in his column in this newspaper Crystal Court last week. In summary: can it be an ounce less? “It's a special design, but it doesn't really pop,” says resident Edwin Basten (47). “It is not controversial, it is nicely adapted to its environment. That is allowed in a neighborhood that is known as boring and monotonous. ” Basten paid 750,000 euros for his 180-square-meter apartment, and another 60,000 for a parking space. But the 36 apartments in the complex are all different in location, layout, size and price. A top apartment of 250 square meters with three large terraces all around cost 1.9 million. Basten lived in Maarssen, but wanted to return to Amsterdam. “First I looked in the canal belt and in Oud-Zuid. This is not only very expensive, but above all impractical; they remain old houses. It may be less romantic here, but you do have a lot of living comfort according to the latest requirements. ” The jury is also very positive. “A beautiful eye-catcher,” says Riet de Graaf. The apartments are very expensive, according to the jury, but it is good that these types of projects also exist in the city. Although it could have been finished for the much money.

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