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Calf avenue

Calf avenue

Architect NSL Architects
Client Thunnissen Development
Builder: Thunnissen Construction
Project name Calf avenue
Location Buitenveldert
District: South

Kalfjeslaan: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

Architectural firm NSL won the competition in 2002 for a residential and care center in Buitenveldert. Kalfjeslaan contains 70 spacious apartments of more than 150 m2 on average. The preconditions stated that the building should have a '1930s appearance' and should make a stately impression. To achieve this, a warm brown-red brick was chosen. Generous inward-opening windows, framed by off-white window frames, run almost from floor to ceiling to create optimal contact with the green Kalfjeslaan. The entrances are located on the north side (Doornburg), so that the building can refresh itself in the green on the southern Kalfjeslaan. The sunlight is therefore ideal.

Het Parool over Kalfjeslaan: Large and exclusive and spacious and affordable

You wouldn't expect this in Amsterdam: a spacious estate-like building, lushly situated in the green, with seventy unusually spacious apartments. This surprise is hidden on the outskirts of the city, along the Kalfjeslaan, which forms the border with Amstelveen. There was a nursing home behind the Catholic Church, even before Buitenveldert was built on. When that had to be renewed, the managing foundation decided to build a new residential care center next to it. A luxury apartment building was to be built on the site of the old one. The sale of those homes made it possible to finance more space and better facilities for the residents of the care center. Architect Luuk Naarding (64) was commissioned to design both the residential care center and the apartment building. The latter had to radiate class and a 1930s feeling, and it succeeded. “If you want to offer quality for people who can afford more, the facade must have something majestic,” says Naarding. “But otherwise it is not only impressive, I have kept it simple and calm, with red stone. I did, however, give the concrete of the columns, balconies and the far protruding roof molding a nice color, by using white instead of gray cement. That makes it warmer and friendlier. ” “It shocked us for a while,” responds Harrie van Noorden (47), director of the Thunnissen Group. “White concrete turned out to be a lot more expensive than the normal gray concrete. But Naarding's entire design immediately got us excited. People feel at home in such a building. ” Thunnissen became not only the builder, but also the developer of the complex. “The healthcare foundation did not dare to take that risk and approached us to sell the homes,” says Van Noorden. “It is also a place with hooks and eyes, especially because of the aircraft noise. But it also has the great advantage that this is the only piece of Buitenveldert with its own land. ” Bill (65) and Louise (59) Duursma bought an apartment of 140 square meters on the ground floor plus another 170 square meters of outdoor space and a space in the parking garage, for 514,500 euros. They came from Heiloo, but were tired of traveling up and down and wanted to return to Buitenveldert. “But we wanted something like we had, so spacious rooms and at least two bedrooms. When we found this on the internet, we immediately said: this is it. ” They are not bothered by aircraft noise: “It is very well insulated. And underfloor heating is standard in the house, we do not have radiators. Also no thresholds anywhere, by the way. It is a beautiful building, beautifully situated between trees and water, with the Amsterdamse Bos nearby. ” The residents gave a score of 8.9, and the jury members wholeheartedly agree. “Absolutely beautiful,” says Riet de Graaf. “There is nothing to be said about it,” says Joyce du Pont.

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