Nieuwbouwprijs Amsterdam

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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Architect Wiel Arets Architects
Client Own fireplace
Builder Construction company MJ de Nijs en Zonen
Location Western Garden Cities
District New West
Project name Aquamarine
Photo Fedde de Weert

Aquamarijn: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

The 4 towers on Jan van Zutphenstraat are part of the renovation project of the Western Garden Cities. The 370 apartments of the four towers are spread over eleven floors. The facades are mainly made of glass and aluminum. The towers are located in an underground parking garage. The greenery on the roof of the garage preserves the green character of the park. The fourth Tower, Aquamarijn, is the only tower that has balconies of approximately 10 m2 and this building has been nominated for the New Construction Prize and designed by Wiel Arets Architects.

Het Parool about Aquamarijn: The balconies make it a residential building

On the Jan van Zutphenstraat in Osdorp, beautiful in the green, there are four elongated residential towers on sturdy legs, strikingly wide aluminum strips and random windows. It had already been decided eleven years ago to build it, but it all took a lot of effort. There were three clients: the Protestant Housing Association took care of one tower, Rochdale two and Eigen Haard the last. They decided to work with one architect, Wiel Arets, and one contractor, De Nijs. Two towers became free-sector rental, the other two became owner-occupied apartments. The first three towers were built in one building flow, but the last, Aquamarijn, was only completed last year, says Peter Visser (52), project developer at Eigen Haard. “We wanted to put quality above the commercial result, which is why we persisted that this tower was the only one to have outdoor spaces. At first Arets had difficulty adapting his design, but was nevertheless enthusiastic. Those balconies have made it much more of a residential building. ” A problem arose for the builder. “We had to come up with a system that would allow us to build the same concept, but now with balconies,” explains Thijs de Nijs (61), director of Construction Company MJ de Nijs en Zonen. “We developed it in such a way that the whole, including balconies, could be attached to the facade as a prefabricated element. And that also managed to stay within budget. ” The 88 apartments were sold within a few months, and the residents awarded a score of 8.2. Marco Riesener (54) and his wife are therefore very satisfied.After 25 years and three years in Hoofddorp, they wanted to return to Amsterdam, but it had to meet a series of requirements: the center had to be easy to reach, but you also had to being able to get out of the city and parking should not be a problem. And of course everything had to stay within their budget. “We searched for a year, but when we came across this, we were immediately sold. I feel reborn now. The location is beautiful, and the large amount of glass makes you feel outside. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from Dutch. Riesener has 140 square meters at its disposal, on a corner, with a lot of glass, which has a protective layer against the sun. Underfloor heating is standard. He paid 320,000 euros; a parking space would cost 17,500 euros extra. Smaller apartments, from 75 square meters, cost from 150,000 euros. For the jury, this is a building with top homes: a pleasant living space, a spacious balcony and a beautiful view. “There is nothing to be said about the finish,” says jury member Joyce du Pont (48). “The price-quality ratio in particular is very good.” She herself lives in Collage, a large block with two hundred houses on the corner of Hoofdweg and Bos en Lommerweg, which has been awarded the Zuiderkerk Prize by a jury of experts. The residents there are also satisfied, but their 7.9 score was not sufficient for the Amsterdam New Construction Price. This year too, the nominations of the experts and of the residents differ remarkably. Although Aquamarijn did receive the Amsterdam Architecture Prize Golden AAP, in a competition organized by Arcam architecture center.

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