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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
Anna Rooze

Anna Rooze

Architect Geusebroek Stefanova Architects
Client The Alliance
Builder Vink Construction
District West
Project name Anna Rooze
Photo Luuk Kramer

Anna Rooze: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2010

The Anna Rooze residential complex is located on the edge of the heart of Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark and Leidseplein. Almost all houses in the complex have their own 'outside', with a lot of privacy. A striking feature of the apartments is the variation in housing types. Anna Rooze offers single-family homes over two floors with a private garden, as well as homes with a large roof terrace; penthouses and an apartment suitable for working and living. A garden for communal use has been created on the roof of the parking garage.

Het Parool about Anna Rooze: Fitted into the old buildings

For the architectural firm Geusebroek Stefanova it has gradually become routine. For the fourth time, a project by this pair has been nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. In fact – the first time, in 2007, they won with the residential building De Monnik, in the middle of the Red Light District. That is also their specialty: constructing new buildings between existing old buildings without it being out of place. This time it concerns a block with 25 homes in Kanaalstraat in Oud-West. Svetla Stefanova (40) explains: “We look very closely at the characteristics of the environment and give it a contemporary interpretation. We want to continue the nineteenth-century facade image, reinforce that character, while still offering modern living comfort. ” The block was built as part of a major overhaul in Oud-West by housing corporation De Alliantie, says managing director Anne Wilbers (48). “Where possible we have renovated, but this block was in such bad shape that it was impossible to renovate. That was also settled in one evening with the residents, who could return if they wanted to. ” Wilbers is very satisfied with the result: “It adds something to the neighborhood, it has a very high quality and has not turned out to be thirteen in a dozen.” She even opted for an expensive variant: instead of one elevator and a gallery for the upstairs apartments, there are three entrances with elevators. “That way everyone has their private space outside at the rear.” Stefanova remembers that it was exciting when the Alliance had to make that choice. ” But the destination of these homes is also special. They are all rental properties, but the amount of the rent depends on the income of the tenant – even if it is higher than the social rental standard. In order to live there, the candidates also had to leave social housing behind. For example, a project such as Anna Rooze offers a solution for all those 'crooked tenants' who actually occupy social housing with too high an income, but cannot find an affordable alternative in the city. Such as Lara van der Krift (37) and Mark van der Vecht (39). They lived with two children in a tiny social housing in OudZuid, 55 square meters. “We had no money to buy a house,” says Van der Krift. “And renting in the free sector was also not affordable.” “Then we found this, just the thing for us. We appeared to meet the requirements: leaving a social rental home and a not too high income. ” Now they have 108 square meters and they pay 1090 euros per month, including service costs and a space in the parking garage – because that is also underneath. The residents gave their complex an 8.6, which the jury thinks is perfectly justified. “The spacious houses are beautifully integrated into the street,” says Stef Hehemann. And Willemijn van Kempen: “The communal backyard is ideal for children.”

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