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Van der Pekbuurt

Van der Pekbuurt

Client Ymere
Architect Architectural firm Hoogeveen
District North
Contractor Dura Vermeer Maintenance and Renovation Mid West, KBK Construction Group
Project name Van der Pekbuurt
Address Van der Pekstraat 1-38, Van der Pekplein 1-15, Oleanderstraat 2-37, Ranonkelkade 2-17, Jasmijnstraat 2-46, Anemoonstraat 1-37, 2-22, Begoniastraat 1-29, 2-16, Meidoornweg 1- 11, Meidoornplein 1-19
number of residences 172

Van der Pekbuurt: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2018

The Van der Pekbuurt in Amsterdam-Noord consists of 1,476 homes and retail spaces. This garden village was the first major urban expansion in Amsterdam North. The entire district is a protected city and village view. Ymere has now tackled the southern part and radically renovated 172 homes in the social sector. The buildings have been given a new foundation and the residential floors have underfloor heating. The houses have been completely demolished and then a new layout has been made; the returning residents have designed the new housing layout themselves. The hood is insulated and fitted with new roof tiles. All installations in the houses have been renewed; the energy label has been brought from G to A. In close consultation with the Monuments & Archeology and the Spatial Quality Committee, it was determined how and in what way the outer shell of the houses was restored. The homes for sale must also follow these guidelines when renovating. A few homes on the Van der Pekplein have been converted into retail and catering spaces. From maligned to loved; that's about the pace this neighborhood has been going through for the past five years. There are many hundreds of responses for every vacant rental home.

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