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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client Diaconie Evangelical Lutheran Community of Amsterdam, Wolters Vastgoed
Architect Ponec de Winter
District West
Contractor Trustan Construction
Project name Augustanahof
Address Erasmusgracht 24-28
number of residences 16

Augustanahof: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2018

Augustanahof concerns the transformation of a church from the reconstruction period. The project is a good example of how a protected living environment can be designed in the middle of urban life. The youngest resident is 24, the oldest 94. Quality of life Activities from the Augustanahof take place in and with the neighborhood, such as a weekly dining table, children's clubs, various gatherings and a communal garden. Quality of living Simultaneously with the design of the transformation, the future community was formed. People and space found each other, both in terms of individual living space and in terms of collective facilities. There is a large meeting room with its own entrance, a chapel / quiet room, also with its own entrance. There are many collective spaces in and around the building. The professional kitchen was already there and has been preserved. Added value for the neighborhood The Augustana Church has been preserved as an iconic building and anchor point in the neighborhood. The activities with and in the neighborhood that took place in the church have been expanded. As much material as possible has been reused during the transformation. The church floor became a desk, worktop and furniture for the chapel, for example.

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