Nieuwbouwprijs Amsterdam

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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client International Campus
Architect Studioninedots
District East
Contractor Van Wijnen Midden
Project name Smiley
Address Kees Broekmanstraat 101-464
number of residences 364
Other program laundry room, roof terrace

Smiley: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize

Studioninedots designed an iconic block with 364 student residences for the 134 m long plot to the north of the IJburglaan. The organization of the outdoor spaces has been seized to enable the collective among the students and the dynamic use of the building. Essential was the intervention to move the terrace, which had been conceived of the traffic-calmed but not very attractive north side, to the roof. By hollowing out the block towards the south, space was created for collective terraces and a diversity of floor plans and the desired urban silhouette was created. The position of the stepped terraces has been cleverly designed in such a way that the block also functions as a sound barrier for the houses behind. Double-height glass entrances mark the entrance to the studios. Along the fa├žade, in addition to the roof gardens, there is a green zone, where hollyhocks grow against the brick piers. Here the ground floor houses have their terrace. The dimensions of the piers vary; towards the center they become wider and wider. The facade thus becomes a triptych, each part with its own rhythm, while together they emphasize the curved main shape: a building shaped like a smile.

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