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Client Lemniskade Projects
Architect FRANTZEN et al architects
District North
Contractor Hillen & Roosen
Project name PATCH22
Address Johan van Hasseltkade 202-306, Christoffelkruidstraat 21, 29
number of residences 26
Other program 4 commercial spaces

PATCH22: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Award 2017

PATCH22 is built on one of the lots tendered in 2009 with sustainability as the main selection criterion. Sustainability is achieved here through energy efficiency, the use of renewable raw materials and very flexible layout options. PATCH22 was designed at the time with a GPR score of 8.9 and an EPC of 0.2. The roof is completely filled with PV panels, making the building energy neutral. Rainwater is collected and reused in a greywater circuit. The heat is generated with CO2-neutral pellet boilers, fired by pressed waste wood from the wood industry. The thirty-meter-high residential-work building is made with the renewable raw material wood as the main construction and facade material. The high-rise of the 5,400 m2 building can change from a work building to a residential building and vice versa without the need for modifications to the hull. The floors can be used as up to 540 m2 loft apartments with huge balconies or as up to eight smaller apartments. They can also remain undivided office floors, due to the lack of structural partition walls, the high storey heights of four meters and the high floor loads of 4KN. The realized apartments had complete freedom of layout because the pipework could be installed by residents themselves in the hollow floors with a removable top layer. Ultimately, five single-family homes and 26 completely different living and working spaces were realized.

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