Nieuwbouwprijs Amsterdam

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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client AM , Syntrus Achmea
Architect Steenhuis Bukman Architects
District Southeast
Contractor BAM Wonen
Project name Emerald
Address Found 2-44, First Luck 2-72, EGoli 41-113, Eversdal 1-12, Edenburg 2-76, Enkeldoorn 1-12, Eksteenfontein 1-12, Elberveld 1-12
number of residences 176

Emerald: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2017

The building plan includes 170 low-rise houses, six apartments and five free lots in the E-neighborhood between Daalwijkdreef and Egoli. The area south of the Egoli has a recognizable structure, in which separate neighborhoods are interspersed with spacious public green zones. These 'green jobs' are continued in the subdivision of the building plan, creating recognizable urban development units. The buildings on the Daalwijkdreef form a continuous wall, differentiated with small height accents and three-storey apartment blocks. In contrast to this, the buildings on the Egoli have a 'looser' design. Here, two-hairdressers, rows of four and free lots are alternated to create a varied, small-scale living environment. Between the main streets are short side streets with a court-like character. The color scheme of facades and roofs varies depending on the urban planning situation of the blocks. Much attention has been paid to the transition from private to public; property boundaries are always designed in green. Part of the project consists of investor rental homes, the other homes are in the owner-occupied sector. The plan is a demand-driven development in which buyer choices are central. In addition to the plot and the floor plan, there were a number of architectural styles and color palettes to choose from. Four styles have been designed, varying the facade layout and color scheme and materialization. Occasional height differences (raised roof, transverse roof or bookend) emphasize the individualized image.

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