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  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
Block 0 – Casco lofts

Block 0 – Casco lofts

Client Association CPO De Hoofden Houthaven 1 & 2
Architect Marc Koehler Architects, Thijs Asselbergs architectuurcentrale, de Architekten Cie., Hootsmans architecture office, Space Encounters
District West
New construction location Houthaven
Contractor ERA Contour
Project name Block 0 – Casco lofts
Address Haparandaweg 930-1008, Houthavenkade 61-77
number of residences 55
Other program parking garage, roof terrace

Block 0 – Casco lofts: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2017

Casco lofts is a living concept in which residents can put together their own loft within a fixed spatial and financial framework. In this way, the idea meets the wishes of buyers who are looking for tailor-made homes or hull DIY homes. The Casco lofts communities are organized in associations that bring future residents together, even before the building and their homes are designed. The idea is that active buyer participation results in tight social networks. This concerns two lots, one of which has been developed in Collective Private Commissioning and the other in Co-commissioning (MO). In the latter form, a developer involves the future residents at an early stage in the development process. The complex consists of three volumes: high-rise building on Haparandaweg, low-rise building on Houthavenkade and a connecting part with a roof garden. The lofts are approximately five meters high, eighteen meters deep and six meters wide. There are four typologies: micro-lofts, low-rise lofts, high-rise lofts and penthouses ranging in size from 30 m2 to 180 m2. With regard to sustainability, various techniques have been applied, including CO2-controlled ventilation, heat recovery, cooling based on canal water, hot fill connections, active solar energy from solar cells, passive solar energy through large triple-glazed windows and charging points for electric cars and bicycles. .

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